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SAN Storage Engineer with Solaris

Experience with a broad range of technologies is required.  Candidate will be expected to support and create environments in the infrastructure that interact with many other components.

Basic Cisco networking experience is preferred.  Candidate should be able to complete basic administration tasks and troubleshoot problems, including: adjusting VLAN configurations, tracing device locations on network switches, verifying and applying speed and duplex settings, checking ports for errors, and establishing communication between servers and other network devices. 

Experience with the following technologies is required:

  • ·        SAN / NAS design, implementation and support (Netapp experience preferred) supporting the following:
  • ·        Solaris 10
  • ·        VMware ESX
  • ·        Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • ·        Experience with the following specific technologies is preferred:
  • ·        Netapp system design, administration and maintenance (3000 series or higher)
  • ·        Netapp snapshots, snapmirror, NDMP, SnapDrive configuration
  • ·        Netapp Operations Manager, Performance Advisor
  • ·        iSCSI on Windows Server with HBAs and software initiators
  • ·        Solaris LDOM, containers and / or zone virtualization
  • ·        Solaris install servers / Jumpstart
  • ·        Oracle 10g and above
  • ·        SQL Server 2005 and above
  • ·        VxVM (Symantec Storage Foundation)
  • ·        Multipathing with Storage Foundation or Solaris native for block level protocols
  • ·        Multipathing with NFS and LACP
  • ·        Physical device installation and cabling in data centers
  • ·        Brocade SAN switch configuration
  • ·        Cisco switch configuration