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The Astor Group Services

The Astor Group connects firms with prospective candidates that have expertise in software development and programming, business and quantitative analysis, project management and network/desktop services. Our senior account managers are experts in the technical search field. Their years of experience provide the ability to assess client needs and screen for ideal candidates. We refer only the best, most qualified candidates to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. 

Our proven responsiveness creates a time efficient solution for our clients.

Our extensive database is made up by candidates who excel in their technical proficiency and industry knowledge. Our numerous contacts are a result of over 20 years of experience in establishing and building relationships which have earned the trust of both our clients and the candidates we recruit on their behalf.

Our placement-policy is to personally discuss backgrounds and objectives with each and every candidate, fostering an individual approach and certainty in matching the candidates' skills, backgrounds and experience with our clients’ needs.

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